Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Phony Toni Braxton

PARAMARIBO, Suriname: What was supposed to be a glamorous stage performance by six-time Grammy winning singer-songwriter Toni Braxton ended in a disastrous event in Suriname in the small hours of Saturday morning with angry patrons in the stands shouting for their money to be refunded.

Minutes after the artiste entered the stage in a packed Anthony Nesty Indoor Stadium, patrons realized that they were conned by show promoter Angel Ventura from ‘Events 4 Suriname’, an entertainment bureau operating here.

Security had to rescue US entertainer Trina Johnson, who was allegedly hired to do an imitation of Toni Braxton from the stage and whisked her away in a limousine. During her second song, people started throwing bottles and other missiles to the podium, while some were screaming that this was a hoax and a rip-off.

Subsequently, chaos broke out with angry patrons looting the bars in the stadium, while others rushed for the gates. Part of the stunned crowd just stood there in disbelief, looking at a by then empty stage.

“This is not happening; I can’t believe this,” a female patron said in disbelief, while her companion was tugging at her arm to leave the venue.

“At least this will compensate for my loss,” a man shouted running away from a bar where he grabbed two bottles of whiskey from the shelves.

Meanwhile, police have started a criminal investigation into the case, after scores of disgruntled patrons filed complaints alleging fraud, police spokesman under-inspector Humphrey Naarden said in an invited comment.

So far, no arrest has been made, since Angel Ventura, allegedly from the US Virgin Islands, and his assistant Signet Samson, disappeared after the concert, without paying several local sponsors, organizations, stage managers and artistes who performed support acts.

However, Trina Johnson was questioned by police, but since she could produce a contract stating that she would perform an imitation act she was subsequently released. Also, local assistants during the show were questioned. Tickets for the concert were sold for US$20 and US$25 while VIP-tickets were costing US$55.

Days before the concert people were already skeptical since there was no press conference as usual when popular entertainers arrive in Suriname. The organizer claimed that Toni Braxton was too tired from the flight to do interviews. During an interview, however, Trina Johnson, claiming to be Braxton’s manager, disclosed that the singer was very excited to perform in Suriname.

People were therefore shocked to witness Johnson performing the Toni Braxton act.

Meanwhile the concert has been dubbed the ‘Phony Toni’ show. The promotion campaign, including a TV ad portraying the real Toni Braxton saying that she is coming to Suriname, made people believe that the genuine R&B singer was coming to Paramaribo.

“This is a clear cut case of fraud,” said police spokesman Naarden.

Impersonating someone else with the intent to pilfer something, whether it is money, a good or service from another individual, according to Article 386 of the Surinamese Criminal Code is a criminal offense with a maximum jail term of three years.

Since several of the suspects are foreigners, border crossings would be alerted to be on the look-out. source

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rihanna Banned..!!

Islamic leaders in Malaysia are pressing ahead with calls to ban Rihanna (boo hoo) from performing in the country - just weeks after she promised to tone down her forthcoming live concert. The Malaysian government has strict rules when it comes to female performers, artists are required to cover up from their shoulders to their knees. The PAS has urged authorities who issue concert permits in the primarily Muslim country to reject the organizer’s application. (LINK)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bajan signed to Motown.. damn

Barbados just keeps throwing them out. With Bajan songstresses Rihanna, Shontelle Layne and Livvi Franc signed to major recording labels within the last three years, buzz is that Hal Linton, a well-known artiste, has been signed to the legendary Motown Records.

Linton, a four-time winner at the Barbados Music Awards in 2007 for Song of the Year, Best New Artist, Songwriter of the Year and R&B Single of the Year, is signed to a five album deal with the label.

Even though many companies expressed interest in him, he eventually chose SRP Records, responsible for discovering Rihanna and Shontelle Layne, who are signed to Def Jam and Motown Universal Records respectively.

Doyle said Linton, who is also a writer and producer, tightened up his tracks before they began shopping him around to various labels. Sylvia Rhone, president of Motown, heard him, loved what she heard and arranged a showcase for which she invited the entire company, said Doyle. His sound, a cross between Marvin Gaye and John Legend, really impressed them, she said, and they asked to sign him. Damnnnn when will Guyana's artiste get this kind of opportunities, and I NOT talking about miss no talent Temeka, I talking about real talent like Jomo, Adrian, Celeste, Natural Black, Alabama and First Born. source

Guys Eye Candy (Christina Milian - Us Against the World)

I decided to post a little Eye Candy for the guys, Ms. Christina Milian finally released he video for her new single, “Us Against the World,” which she premiered on MySpace back in October. It is the lead single from Christina Milian’s fourth studio album, which she will release via MySpace Records through Interscope.

Tami Chynn - Hypnotico

Tami Chynn is working on her first U.S. release, Primadonna, with none other than Akon and RedOne (responsible for the #1 song right now, Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance”) via KonLive, through SRC/Universal Records. Let me know what y'all think of her new song.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Single Ladies dance... try it

The Hottest new dance around town is Beyonce's "Single Ladies - Put a Ring on It" dance. You have to try it, even this fatty doing his thing. I dedicate this ambitious video to Stolid at Guyana911 since he seems so into this song. Maybe he can try a few moves for his next lime to impress the girls. Just teasing... If you are out of the loop and need the words to the song hit up Guyana911.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Benshop is displaying attention seeking behaviour

Mr. Mark Benschop was arrested at Blairmont for obstruction of traffic and was subsequently released. According to reports he had been charged and would have to appear in court. In addition, the police at Blairmont while they allowed Benschop to go, impounded his vehicle.

Benschop was detained while traveling back to the city for what he described as his non-refusal to pay an exorbitant fee to cross the Berbice Bridge. Haha haha Hahaha gosh man like he like freeness or he think people with political affiliations get to joy ride the bridge for free.

But reports are that Benschop left his vehicle parked in an area close to the bridge where there is a flow of vehicular traffic. This was reportedly after he refused to pay the toll and subsequently boarded another vehicle.

Okay according to reports the story goes like this - Benschop arrived at the bridge’s toll booth some time between 8.30 and 8.45 am and he was informed that the toll for his vehicle was $7,000. However, Benschop said, the price list at the booth identified the toll for a vehicle such as his as $4,000. hmmm

“I decided to use the ferry instead since it was specified that only trucks would be allowed to continue using the service… the description on my vehicle’s registration clearly states that it is a pick-up truck but I was denied entry to the ferry,” Benschop explained.
Benschop then decided to return to the bridge and was subsequently told that the toll was $13,600. “I couldn’t understand how this was so because only minutes before the booth attendant had said that the cost to cross was $7,000,” Benschop said. haha Mr. Benschop's car probably grew a few inches or kilograms.

According to Samaroo, many citizens drive goods transporting vehicles as a “luxury item” and are only realizing the grouping of such vehicles when faced with the toll. In the first instance when Benschop would have been charged $7,000, the CEO explained, he would have been undercharged due to human error.

But in all honesty he is driving around town in a swooped up/ pimped out truck lately. Which in my mind spells nothing but trouble. According to Samaroo who phrased it politely , cars are deemed Luxury items.

So I understand why the attendant therefore saw it fit to price the item accordingly. hhahah I just keeping it real.

Transformer Reappears...

The hole made in one of the concrete walls at the Regent Multiplex mall so that the transformer could be extricated.
The vanishing transformer which was reported missing from the Guyana Power & Light (GPL) was found installed at the New Mall that was opened last December at the corner of Wellington and Regent streets and was subsequently removed.

And the owner of the mall Mr.Ganesh Ramlall, was MIA and couldn't be reached.

The police source said that Ramlall indicated that he had wanted a transformer to purchase and a man had told him he could get one for him. The man subsequently delivered the transformer. "Is why this so called prominent business never sit down to think where in the world this man sourcing his transformers from." hahahha

If you ask me though this Ramlall sounded suspect from day one. But I am not going to get into that now.

The Old (GT&T) and The Restless (Digicel)

The Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) says its promotions battle with DIGICEL is being contested on an uneven playing field and that the Public Utilities Commission’s (PUC) showed bias against GT&T according to reports in the news papers.

According to the Stabroek news article last week which I thought was nicely written and not omitting important facts such as .. "And while GT&T Chief Executive Officer Joe Singh is careful to avoid the creation of a nexus between the ongoing monopoly talks between GT&T and government, it is clear that the pending outcome of those discourses has added to the condition of ‘bad blood’ in the telecommunications sector. Government has made no secret of its wish that the GT&T monopoly of the country’s international telecommunications service come to an end – an inevitability which GT&T has long accepted - though critics have taken unkindly to the often public and vitriolic manner in which the administration has prosecuted its concern. DIGICEL, perhaps understandably, has been far from indifferent to the prevailing environment and to the ongoing monopoly talks and has made public its own keenness to see the monopoly come to an end."

At the core of Singh’s argument is the view that GT&Tdeserves better” hahahahha. What a cry baby, this is what happens when a company is use to being spoon fed for decades.... they get spoiled rotten. deal with it. Now GT&T is getting competition, so they need to up their services and be fair. Stop complaining and fretting like some old hags.

I just being honest, I have to admit although I am criticizing GT&T, I am and have always been a loyal and dedicated customer. So GT&T reps please don't say that I am being bias too. My bill is now half what it use to be before the Digicel invasion, thanks GT&T I love you guys...... by the way I have to call y'all out on all this copy cat games y'all playing, try be original. Copying promos that Digicel does just makes you look weak, lacking in creativity and worst of all sleazy.

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Years Cat Fight

I always advise young ladies not to mess with "Other People Property: OPP" however some people just don't listen so hard ears pickney does feel. A popular young lady around the town was stripped of her dress and left to fend for herself in her "tights"and a missing brassier, by several other young ladies at a night which was suppose to be filled of "elegance". This scandalous affair is the talk of the town for the New Year and it all resulted from the popular young lady's affiliation with somebody's OPP. In this animal world we live in, if that OPP isn't coming to your rescue when his and other felines pounce and shred you to pieces, the "affiliation" is not worth it. I just keeping it real. Y'all stay tuned for more insider info on this incident.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year

GT Keep Real is wishing all our fellow bloggers and followers a blessed and prosperous New Year. May your 2009 be filled with happiness and plenty of rewards. We just want to thank you for continuing to visit gtkeepreal.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Rihanna Bitchy Drama Queen attitude.......

According to Rihanna Daily, London’s popular X Factor Show has been thrown into “complete chaos” since Rihanna allegedly canceled her appearance.

The show’s bosses are furious that Rihanna has given them so little time to reorganize everything, and they feel rehearsing for her US tour is quite a weak excuse. Rihanna’s people only told them yesterday morning, giving them just two days to reorganise.

But Rihanna’s camp is telling quite a different story.
"She was never confirmed for the X Factor. She was only scheduled to fly in for the Jingle Bell Ball and the Royal Variety Performance and was always going to be flying back to the US yesterday."

And now the X Factor bosses are claiming that Rihanna was difficult and demanding. I not surprised, see always comes off like she is full of herself.

X Factor bosses had already been taken aback by a list of demands from Rihanna that even surpassed those of Britney Spears two weeks ago. Her huge entourage had demanded that metal detectors were set up at entrances to the studios, and no one was to speak to the singer unless spoken to first. Like Mariah Carey and Britney before her, Rihanna was to have sole use of Cowell’s green room as her dressing room. Her rider also included the bizarre request of hard-boiled eggs to be available for her throughout the day at any time. ( I don't even want to know what she needs all those eggs for)


Weather Updates for GT ( Rain, Rain and more Blasted Rain)

Current conditions as of 11:30 am GYT

* Mostly Cloudy (no shit)
Feels Like: 95°
Barometer: 29.85 in and falling
Humidity: 70%
Visibility: 6.21 mi
Dewpoint: 75°
Wind: NE 5 mph
Sunrise: 5:54 am
Sunset:5:40 pm
Temperature: 86°
High: 84° Low: 73°

Extended Forecast (Today - Tuesday 16th)
Scattered T-storms (everyday)
Highs: 84°-
Lows: 72°-

Considering the state of most of the streets in Guyana, I took it upon myself to become weather adviser for the month of December. Don't be fooled by the sunshine today, the clouds will appear later this afternoon/evening with a vengeance. So make sure to walk with yah rubber dinkies or at least an umbrella. For all those ladies out there trying to look cute, please don't try and wear your fancy shoe that yah buy on Regent street because y'all damn well and know the shoe will loose up before month end with all this water.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Alabama Live @ the Accolades 2008

A Hot Mess -Teacher molesting a pupil

A 24- year- old teacher of Cotton Field Secondary School, Essequibo was yesterday granted bail in the sum of $ 200,000 when he appeared in court charged with carnal knowledge of a 16- year- old female student of the school. Mr.Steven Anthony, appeared before Magistrate Faith Mc Gusty at the Anna Regina Magistrates’ Court to hear his charge of carnal knowledge. Attorney at law, Mr. Haimraj Rajkumar, represented the accused, successfully secured bail. The accused was arrested last Friday by police and placed in custody pending investigations into allegations that he sexually molested a female student. And to add insult to injury the blasted teacher is married and is the father of an infant... what a hot mess. source

Airport VIP Lounge Action... Gerry

Captain Gerry Gouveia, Managing Director of the Roraima Group of Companies,
and apparently drug enforcement officer has called on the government to clarify a recent charge that drugs and people may have been smuggled through the VIP and Executive Lounge facilities at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Timehri (CJIA).

At his post- Cabinet news briefing last week, Dr.Roger Luncheon, Cabinet Secretary said that there had been reports of non-conformity with the established rules governing the use of the facilities over a period of time which may have resulted in “ events that impinge on security, Custom and Immigration operations.” He added that a report pointed out that there may be a lack of cohesion in the roles played by those law en forcement officials, resulting in some amount of exploitation.

At a news briefing yesterday, Gouveia (jack of all trades) whose consortium operates the Roraima Executive Lounge at the CJIA, said the statement had created a measure of unease among the various service providers at the airport and prompted his call for more clarity on the Cabinet secretary’s statement.

“ Accordingly, and apart from calling on Dr. Luncheon to issue an appropriate clarification on this matter immediately, the management of the Roraima Group wishes to state publicly that all persons utilizing the Roraima Executive Lounge are, as a matter of course, subjected to the various security routines and procedures that apply to anyone using the airport.”Jack of all Trades said that it was incumbent on the authorities to thoroughly investigate the claim and to apply the necessary corrective security measures. source

First Born @ the Accolades live 2008

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Otis aka Otisha - HIV/AIDS advocate...

This is an interesting article I came across recently, another popular blog site also posted the article a few days back. But maybe GHARP and other health agencies should use actual people in our community to spread the word about HIV/AIDS prevention and prevalence. "But i mad that Otisha said that business is booming, he got me thinking what our society up to."

I first met Otisha, a tall Afro-Guyanese transvestite prostitute in 2003 when I reported on HIV and Aids in Guyana and Barbados.Back then, the Caribbean had the second highest rate of infection in the world.

The prevalence among female sex workers in Guyana was 27% and 21% for men who have sex with men. Five years later, Otisha is still a commercial sex worker and business is booming for him."I go with lots of clients," said Otisha, who has himself managed to avoid contracting HIV.

When I last visited, men were paying extra money to have unprotected sex.

"You do have some men who pay that type of money to have sex but I'm not going to have unprotected sex," said Otisha.

Government support for HIV and Aids sufferers has improved dramatically in Guyana in the past five years.
"They are promoting more Aids programmes on national television and promoting the use of condoms," said Otisha.

"In 2003/2004 our prevalence was approximately 2.4%. At the end of 2006 we conducted another survey, so we estimate in Guyana, right now our prevalence is about 1.55%," said Dr Singh.

The infection rate among female sex workers has also dropped significantly in recent years.
"There has been a lot of work going on to educate the general public - mass media campaigns, a lot of print media and education material," added Dr Singh

According to the National Aids Programme, about 5,000 people are now in a free treatment and care programme.

"I want to live, so that's why I dress and look fancy and you can't even tell that I have HIV," she said.
However, one of the biggest obstacles for the Guyanese government is how to stop further infections.

HIV is still the leading cause of death among people between the ages of 20 and 49, and the infection rate among commercial sex workers and men who have sex with men remains extremely high. source, source / (audio here)

By Emma Joseph
BBC World Service

Live Performance - Adrian and Jomo (X2)

X2 performed as the closing act of the evening and they did their thing.

Best Dressed Females @ The Accolades 2008

The Red Carpet affair brought out the hottest outfits this year, mini's were the outfit of choice at the awards. Dessia Braithwaite wore a cute metallic color dress, bright pink and purple coloured dresses -Timeka even sported one - were all the rage.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Who do you think pulled of this look the best, both of them or just one of them? Both wore a hot pink mini dress with ruffles/gathers at the bottom. Leave a comment lets see who wins.

Best Dressed @ The Accolades 2008 (Pt 2)

Ian Corbin (FOJO) looks fresh with his red jacket, the young gentle man in the middle rocked his casual wear but managed to pull it off and look hot, I ain't hating at all. And I just couldn't resist the red carpet photo of these two little cutie pies.

Best Dressed Males @ The Accolades 2008 (Pt 1)

Accolade attire of choice for the evenings seemed to white, First Born all looking very sharp, the opening act of the show- dancer Mr.Lewis from the National School of Dance. Reporter, journalist and TV personality Mr. Mondel Smith and another star of the evening Adrian Dutchin, these young men all looked suave Sunday night.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Best Performance by "An Award Recipient"

X2 (Adrian and Jomo) were really good and kept the audience entertained. They truly deserved their awards last night. I got snippets of X2 and Alabama's performance, I will get that posted tomorrow.

Worst Dressed

Celeste David wasn't able to be influential enough to win an accolade award but she sure made a statement last night in that "Hoochielicious dress" she wore. I respect Celeste and her work, I do believe she is a better vocalist and performer when compared to the likes of Timeka Marshall but unfortunately the media and the entertainment business in Guyana are very superficial when it comes to marketing and pushing artistes.

So now it seems as though Celeste trying as hard as possible to look as "easy as possible". Girl don't put your self to that level, the dress looked slutty as hell ( all y'all seeing is panties, belly and boobies). Rethink your stylist next time please and leave the whoring outfits for the actual whores in the industry.

As for Vanilla, God bless her heart, but that outfit didn't do her justice and made her look like the Real " BIG RED" .

I wonder why these two young ladies didn't win any awards last night... pitiful because they are both very talented.

What the F@!!@@@

Pictures speak a thousand words, so y'all can decide for your selves what this lady (who beat out Charmaine Blackman for first place for "A Hot Ass Mess Award" in our books) was trying to say. Her nails were so long she couldn't even hold nor open the envelope to announce the winner. I not even gonna worry to mention her name, just out of respect for her. LAWD ... and the picture actually do her some justice.

By the way Charmaine Blackman was a hot mess as well, but i think no one is surprised by her antics and wardrobe selections any more( so i ain't wasting my time posting her picture she bring second). But her dress was descent and flattering for her, however what the F*** was she thinking when she came out with two wigs on last night at the Accolade Awards. It seems as though she couldn't decide whether to rock an Afro or go Rasta sporting braids as a limsy, so she went with a combination of the two. A hot mess....

BEST PERFORMANCE by a non-nominee

Ruth Osman along with Trevor John on the piano , stunned the audience last night with a breath taking performance. Why in the world this lady ain't get an award. Her performance was the stunner of the evening, simply incredible. Guyanese talent at its best, no question about it. Her vocal range is astonishing and her voice is simply classic. Shit they should have given her an award just for her performance last night. Brilliant......

Accolade Winners

Best Soca Groovy Single Male - X2 (Adrian and Jomo)

Best Soca Single of the Year - X2 (Adrian and Jomo)

Song Writer of the Year - Adrian Dutchin

Artiste of the Year - Adrian Dutchin

Song of the Year - X2 (Adrian and Jomo) Tic Tac

Best Soca Groovy Single Female - Michelle "Big Red" King

Best Gospel Male - Eddie Neblett

Gospel Single of the Year - Eddie Neblett (and all other Gospel awards)

Best Gospel Female - Cherilyn Maloney

Chutney Album of the Year - El Sadiek

Reggae Single of the Year - Natural Black

Best Reggae Album of the Year - First Born

Album of the Year -
First Born ( they won a total of 4 awards)

Calypso Artiste of the Year Male - Vivian 'VJ' Jordan (deceased)

Calypso Artiste of the Year Female - Camille 'Lady Tempest' Goliath

R&B Artist of the Year - Timeka Marshall

Best New Artist - Timeka Marshall

Lifetime Achievement Award - Eddy Grant

Best Collaboration - X2 (Adrian and Jomo)

Best Female Chutney Single - Queen Yasmin

Money hungry "Sonia Noel"

Rumour (websites and close friends of both designers) has it that Sonia Noel, who was originally hired as artistic director- but to no surprise- shortly after being chosen she requested GY$3.6 M for herself and two other colleagues. The Accolade Organizers just booted her ass. So like always, Sonia's events always happen to fall on the same dates as Michelle Cole's , so it ain't no surprise when the Money hungry designer organized a show in Bartica the same day as the Accolades. WHAT A COINCIDENCE , that is just damn malicious. source

Accolade Awards descent first attempt

There will always be those haters out there, regardless of how good an event was executed. The Guyana Accolade Awards was a brilliant first attempt in my opinion, this award show will surely give incentives for present artists and aspiring performers in Guyana.

Like all events in Guyana the show began almost an hour after its scheduled start time. The cultural center was moderately filled considering the original ticket prices, who can blame people for staying at home to look at it on TV (for free).

Nigel Hughes and former Miss Guyana Universe Miss Odessa Phillips (with her new found accent, which made Nigel sounds as though he brawling some creole english) were the emcees for the evening. The decor on stage looked good and the show opener was a dance to " Walking on Sunshine" performed by the National School of Dance, I was impressed.

Zareena Ali and Delma Lynch performed along with crazy Charmaine Blackman ( who never ceases to amaze me) and Celeste David (I admit she can sing and I love her to death but she was a hot mess last night in her cheap hooker dress)

The performances of the night were good, the best of the evening in my opinion was Ruth Osman and Trevor John with a Jazz rendition. It was simply brilliant that was a true representation of Guyanese talent at its best. Is why she ain't win no award, Ruth made all the other singers look like joke last night.

They had performances by Eddie Neblett, Rajesh Dubraj, Alabama, First Born, Anaconda to name a few, followed by Adrian and Jomo who closed off the show. I wonder why they ain't allow miss sunshine Timeka to sing her own song ........ even the event coordinator/party planner didn't want to take that risk and allow her to sing live... ha ha

The big winners of the evening were X2 (Adrian and Jomo) and First Born, Lawd only knows why blasted Guyana Times got Timeka on the front page, she only won two awards compared to others who won 4 and 5 last night. Guyana Times displaying face-ism and prejudice right there, just because she cuter than First Born them ... Guyana Times should be ashamed of themselves (lame attempt at selling papers).